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Privacy Policy

We respect every visitors privacy, keep data and information confidential

We are very serious about our privacy policy, any information provided by you including your name, your email address, your mobile number, your business ideas, your project information etc. will never be provide to anyone outside Fasto Solution. We do respect your rights to your privacy and we don’t share your personal information data with third parties.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Anonymous data

We collect anonymous data from every visitors of our website to serving better, monitor traffic and fix bugs. For example, we collect anonymous information like internet protocol(IP) address, browser type, country, date/time, number of pages open by visitors and all these information collected by google analytics.

Personal data

We don’t ask your personal or business information unless we truly need it, we only require personal or business information (name, email, website, mobile number, business information etc.) when you contact us for our services such as for website designing, website development, digital marketing, wordpress development, graphic design, mobile apps development, for support, for website maintenance etc. and we need these informations for knowing about you and about your business so we can contact you back for giving you answer regrading your queries/questions.

Subscription data

We subscribe your email address in our newsletter list when you enter your email address in our subscription box and confirm the subscription. when you confirm the subscription to our newsletter then we will weekly or monthly send our company news, technology related news and new things happening in our company, directly in your inbox. In our every weekly or monthly newsletter, you get a unsubscribe link by which you can stop receiving our newsletter.


A cookie is a small text file which is placed in your computer to allow us to serve you better and faster at next time when you visit our site again.

Third party website links and software

You will find third party link on our website, these third party websites and software have their own privacy policies, so we have no responsibility neither liability of these linked websites and software, you have to read them policies before doing anything personal such as register, contact them, installing software etc.

Important for you (must read)

  • We will never share your personal detail and business information with third party websites or software companies neither anyone outside Fasto Solution .
  • We can change our privacy policy anytime, we request you to visit our privacy policy page frequently to see the changes and we will notify to our every subscribers about policy changes or updates via newsletter.