Terms Of Services


Fasto Solution is responsible to deliver the requested work in an effective way in a certain period of time and shall follow the norms as agreed in the contract document. Our charges for work are based on time perspective, if any, changes happen to contract documents once work has commenced, prices can vary to the previous one. In a particular case, if the service requires work beyond our normal business hours, an additional cost will be included as per our standard charges. The client also needs to understand after starting a work need to pay on the basis of what has been completed to that time. We are always ready to give our best to clients so Fasto Solution will not hold liable for its performance.


The client should aware that provided files, web pages, graphics and programming work are property of Fasto Solution until complete payment not made and once the complete payment done then the client retains ownership. The client has no right to duplicate, resell or give away carts, banner rotation programs, database programs created by Fasto Solution. Programs created by us may not be used on another website without our permission.


All the work done by Fasto Solution is copyright by Fasto Solution. The clients understand that they have permission only to the web publication. Any reproduction by means of printing and/or transferring to other media happens it will come in copyright infringement. Copyrights may be purchased outright by the client or subject to limited used. The clients also understand that all works, expressly marked or not, are protected by copyright laws. We are not responsible for ensuring material supplied by the client has been authorized for reproduction. The customer further warrants that they either possess or have appropriately authorized/got copyright(s) or copyright consent to any work which they have provided for use/propagation and the customer consents to accept full lawful and money related obligation regarding any copyright suit or move which may take place with respect to materials they have provided.


Fasto Solution is accountable for typographical, pricing or other errors shall be strictly limited to correcting such errors if any issue occurs during proofreading and site testing. It is the clients responsibility to proofread all work and to guarantee that it is (a) good, (b) right as to measure, content (c) reasonable for expected use, and (d) within proper copyright and other limitations before the website is opened to the public.

Offensive/ Libellous Material

The client has not permission to use the website and other services provided by Fasto Solution to publish any material that may because of construed as defamatory, offensive or libelous to any other third party. Fasto Solution will not be held at risk for any material shared through its services. Fasto Solution keeps up full compensation from any cases emerging from any defamatory, disturbing material, or some other violation of rights on the customers' sites. The clients are completely mindful of the content of their website, and some other information transmitted through Fasto Solution services, and Fasto Solution won't engage to control customer information in regard to any content in that. Although, the customer consents to indemnify Fasto Solution in regard of any cases brought against Fasto Solution emerging from the content of their site or utilization of whatever other services, regardless of whether it be for defamatory remarks, infringements of rights, or some other offense.

Loss of Earnings

Fasto Solution will not be held liable for any loss of business caused by the failure of any of its services. This includes, but is not limited to loss of business, sales, revenue, profit or indirect consequential or special loss. Fasto Solution provides a service level agreement, which will reimburse the customer any money paid to Fasto Solution for any failed services strictly on a pro-rata basis. No other claims will be made. Fasto Solution will not be held responsible for the fraudulent use of, or any other misuse of, any material held on our computers, especially any credit card information.


To keep up our portfolio credentials, and the integrity of any applicable copyrights, Fasto Solution keeps up the privilege to put a small logo on the clients site which will link back to Fasto Solution's site. Fasto Solution additionally keeps up the privilege to recreate the customer's website in our portfolio and in any marketing materials. If clients do not any wish to place our company backlink on their website then we will not do that.

Hosting Contracts

We would like to confirm you that Domain name and website hosting contracts are charged out by Fasto Solution according to per year charges. If the client has intended to transfer the hosting of either a domain name or website to an alternation ISP at any time. We feel happy to do that the subsubject to the account is fully paid up to the date of the transfer request, and a formal transfer request being lodged by an authorized client contact. It should notice that Fasto Solution renews all domain names as they expire so a client has no need to renew a domain name and should avoid a New Year hosting charge; at that point, they should caution Fasto Solution to this reality by 30 days of the expiry of the existing contract. The equivalent additionally applies to site hosting.


Before proceeding with any work, Fasto Solution reserves the right to request 50% of the advance deposit of the estimated design/development fees. When our client ensures about the final payment, the website is ready to available on the Internet. If payment has remained, Fasto Solution has reserved the right to remove any website content or hosting accounts without any confirmation.

Email Disclaimer

All our emails contain are proprietary information, some or all of which may be legally privileged. There are made for only the intended recipient only. If someone found to misuse these emails, the sender will be punishable. If you are not an intended recipient, you should not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print on a particular email. The perspectives communicated in any Fasto Solution email are those of the creator and don't really mirror the perspectives on Fasto Solution.