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Website Designing

The hallmark of a website is an elegant navigation, site architecture , a clear structure, visual clues and
easily recognizable links that can guide users to find what they are looking for.

Create Your Web Identity With An Elegant look

At Fasto Solution, we believe in solutions that serve you with enhanced utility for a long time.

Your website is the first impression of your company and speak lots about your work not just in terms of the information that it carries but more importantly through the experience it gives to website visitors. While getting a website designed, you need a partner with an industry specific approach and creative enthusiasm.

Our Approach In Web Designing

Make your products world class with insightful user experience research

Research brings context and insight into design decision making. UX Research can improve the usability of products by incorporating experimental and observational research methods to guide the design, development, and refinement of a product. As UX researchers, we work alongside end users, designers and programmers in different stages of design.

What makes us different is our skill and experience in putting the right combination of techniques together to provide the elegant user insights.

UX Research

Call emotion and increase engagement through an outstanding UI design

In an increasingly visual world, beautiful and functional user interfaces have become a must for any customer-centric organization. UI design aims to deliver precisely that – visually engaging and intuitive interface and interactions that maximize the appeal of your product. We combine data from UX research and competitor UI bench-marking to craft unique designs that deliver the wow in product experience.

UI design today is a mix of art and science, design and data, and it needs to be approached as such. Our years of experience in UI design have made us experts at finding this balance.

UI Design

Boost your visibility with your audience across different devices with responsive website design

Web is not limited to desktop anymore, It has gone mobile with 10+ million mobile users on the globe, the need to present information on smaller devices becomes critical.

Responsive design is a way to optimize the layout in a manner that all the significant information is presented in an optimal viewing way, with ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling any kind of device or screen size. We combine the excellent responsive web design service, making the website effective and easy to use on any device. This way there is no need for a different design and development phase when there is a new gadget on the market.

Responsive Website

With correct On-Page SEO, your website’s chances of ranking well on google search result page

On-Page SEO is very important in terms of overall SEO strategy. On-Page SEO concentrates on making a web page design and content more search engine friendly. The effect of link building and content marketing needs good On-Page SEO to work, with proper On-Page optimization, your website have higher chances to take the first place in search results. Many times, websites with better domain names and more backlinks are outranked by those websites that have better On-Page optimization in their credit that's why we give more influence to On-Page optimization than Off-Page optimization.

On-Page SEO

Whether your goal is to get more leads, sales, or reduce customer service phone calls, website speed optimization can be used to make your website more effective to meet those goals.

Are you looking to optimize your website speed, decrease the load time of web pages and improve the user experience? We can help you make your website open up faster by optimizing HTML code, CSS code and JS scripts and many other factors that affect the performance of your website.

The speed of the web page determines how fast your site visitor access the content on your website. The more faster your website loads the better rankings it may achieve on search engine result page.

Website Optimization

Languages & Framework We Use For Web Designing

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